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Datolo received a brutal kick during his sides 2-2 draw against Joinville [VIDEO]

Argentine and former Boca player Jesus Dátolo who currently plays for Atletico Mineiro received a horrific kick from Joinville’s Brazilian midfielder Anselmo during Brasileiro Série A clash on 28th Sept.

The incident occurred when the Brazilian kicks Jesús Dátolo in the leg close to his knee, cutting it in a deep wound. After the incident, Datolo wanted to enter the ground and keep playing but replaced in the 19 minutes of the second half. The referee did not charge any infringement and Datolo was not happy with referee’s decision. Match ends with the score 2-2.

Dátolo was rushed to a medical center at Santa Catarina where he got stitches in three layers of the skin and muscle as reported by the medical staffs













  1. Joinville is constantly tangled with Minas Gerais clubs in mob-related, shameful episodes… Last year they were on a race with América, who owns the Horto stadium, for a spot in Série A.
    A weird court decision took six points from América, claiming they lined an irregular player up, and then Joinville outnumbered the team from Belo Horizonte in points, and a few rounds later, got promoted. América still remains in Série B.

    … Now this violent stuff against Atlético. This player Anselmo didn’t even get a yellow card! Hope we’re able to play good without Dátolo, win the next games ahead and Lucas Pratto nets the balls he receives.

  2. 🙁 It’s very hard even to look at.

    If you guys could get some scenes from this league’s last round, you’ll see that Dátolo scored a wonderful goal on 9_20, when we hosted Flamengo at Horto ballpark.

    I don’t know how long, but it’s gonna take many games till he’s back.

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