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Happy birthday, Argentine football

Happy birthday, Argentine football

The Argentine Football Association (Asociación del Football Argentino) is the oldest in South America and one of the oldest to be formed outside Europe.


21 February, the Argentine football association reaches 122 years old. A history of glory and passion that continues enriching..

It took place on February 21, 1893. Alejandro Watson Hutton founded The Argentine Association Football League, along with representatives from Quilmes Athletic Club, Caledonian’s, Saint Andrews, English High School, Hills and Flowers. 


Alexander Watson Hutton founded The Association  Football League.

Alexander Watson Hutton, “The Father of Argentine football”


The body has been renamed several times since its establishment in 1893. The current name Argentine Football Association adopted in 1934. The list of names and acquired years are following:

  • Argentine Association Football League (1893-1903)
  • Argentine Football Association (1903–12)
  • Asociación Argentina de Football (English Translation: Argentina’s Football Association)  (1912-27)
  • Asociación Amateur Argentina de Football (English Translation: Argentina’s Amature Football Association) (1927–31)
  • Asociación de Football Amateurs y Profesionales (English Translation: Association of Football Amateurs and professionals(1931-34)
  • Asociación del Football Argentino (English Translation: Argentine Football Association(1934–present)


The Argentine Football Association is the oldest in South America and one of the oldest to be formed outside Europe.


The list of official competitions organized by AFA since its establishment in 1893;

Current Competitions
Name Period
Primera División 1891-present
Copa Argentina 1969-70, 2011-present
Supercopa Argentina 2012-present
Copa Campeonato(Superfinal) 2013-present
Defunct Competitions
Copa de Honor Municipalidad de Buenos Aires 1905-36
Copa de Competencia Jockey Club 1913-33
Copa de Competencia La Nación 1913-14
Copa Dr. Carlos Ibarguren 1913-58
Copa Estímulo 1920-26
Copa Adrián C. Escobar 1939-49
Copa Gral. P. Ramírez 1943-45
Copa de Competencia Británica George VI 1944-48
Copa Suecia 1958
Copa Centenario de la AFA 1993


The list of presidents in the history of the AFA;

Mr. Alexander Watson Hutton (1893-1897)
Mr. Alfredo PB Boyd (1897-1899)
Mr. Charles Wibberley (1899-1900)
Mr. Francis H. Chevallier Boutell (1900-1903)

Mr. Francis H. Chevallier Boutell (1903-1906)
Mr. Florencio Martinez de Hoz (1906-1907)
Mr. Emilio Hansen (1907-1909)
Mr. Hugo Wilson (1909-1912)

Mr. Hugo Wilson (1912-1915)
Mr. Adolfo Orma (1915-1918)
Mr. Ricardo C. Aldao (1918-1919)
Mr. Federico Luzio (1919-1921)
Mr. Benjamin Toulouse (1921-1922)
Mr. Aldo Cantoni (1922-1924)
Mr. Virgilio Tedín Uriburu (1924-1926)
Mr. Natalio Botana (1926)
Mr. Aldo Cantoni (1926-1927)

Mr. Adrián Beccar Varela (1927-1929)
Mr. Juan Pignier (1929-1931)

Mr. Juan Pignier (1931-1932)
Mr. Carlos P. Anessi (1932)
Mr. Silvio J. Serra (1932-1933)
Mr. José A. Claisse (1933-1934)
Mr. Alejandro Ruzo (1934)

Mr. Tiburcio Padilla (1934)
Dr. Ernesto F. Malbec (1935)
Mr. Angel Molinari (1936)
Mr. Eduardo Sanchez Terrero (1937-1938)
Dr. Adrian C. Escobar (1939-1940)
Dr. Ramón Castillo (1941-1943)
Dr. Jacinto Armando C. (1943)
Dr. Agustín Nicolás Matienzo (1944)
Gral. Brigadier Eduardo J. Avalos (1945)
Mr. Pedro Canaveri (1946)
Mr. Oscar LM Nicolini (1947-1949)
Dr. Cayetano Giardulli (h) (1949)
Mr. Valentin E. Suarez (1949-1953)
Dr. Sunday Peluffo (1953-1954)
Mr. Cecilio Conditi (1955)
Mr. Arturo A. Bullrich (1955-1956) // Auditor
Mr. Raul H. Colombo (1956-1964)
Dr. Francisco A. Perette (1965-1966)
Mr. Valentin E. Suarez (1966-1967) // Auditor
Mr. Armando Ramos Ruiz (1968-1969) // Auditor
Dr. Aldo J. Porri (1969) // Auditor
Dr. Oscar L. Ferrari (1969) // Acting Comptroller
Dr. Juan Martin Oneto Gaona (1969-1971) // Auditor
Mr. Raul D’Onofrio (1971-1973) // Auditor
Dr. Horacio E. Bruzone (1973) // Auditor
Dr. Baldomero M. Gigan (1973-1974) // Auditor
Mr. R. Fernando Mitjans (1974) // Comptroller and President
Dr. David L. Bracutto (1974-1976)
Mr. Ernesto A. Wiedrich (1976) // then assumed the resignation of all Executive Committee members
Dr. Alfredo F. Cantilo (1976-1979)
Mr. Julio Humberto Grondona (1979-2014)
Mr. Luis Segura (2014)

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