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Mascherano is the best midfielder I’ve played with: Sergio Aguero

Argentina’s forward Sergio Aguero joined in a live Q&A on the UEFA Champions League Facebook page.

Who was your childhood hero outside football?
“Michael Jordan.”

Who are your top five players of all time?
“Messi, the Brazilian Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Maradona – that’s only four but for me they’re the ones …”

Who is your favorite player past or present and have they influenced your style of play?
“For me the best in history is Messi. The player I looked at in terms of my own play and who influenced me most is the Brazilian Ronaldo.”

Best midfielder you have played with?
“Javier Mascherano. Because I think he is a player who feels the pulse of a game – he knows the moment when it’s going well or badly. He is a reference point for what you need on the pitch.”

Your best game in a Man. City shirt?
“I always enjoy playing against United. My best performance? That’s difficult, but a recent one would be against Bayern where I scored the hat-trick.”

Toughest defender you have played against?
“Sergio Ramos – he’s tough.”

What type of music do you listen to?
“I like everything – Cumbia, which is Argentinian music and a bit like Reggae. I listen to a bit of everything, English music, pop, but Cumbia especially.”

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