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Now or never!

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They say that the train passes only once in life and we must learn to climb on it. The metaphor can be discussed from the philosophical, but it is also possible to deny it from the practical. Because there are circumstances in which the train passes twice. Or three. This Sunday, the Argentina will see spend for the third time in two years. And the intention is that, once and for all, do not go empty.

This group of players got used to winning very young. Most were continental champions and / or global in several sub 20 category and achieved the Olympic gold medal. In addition, they all have a history of success in their respective clubs. Each of these three players know how to live with success and enjoy it on a daily basis. However, all have a score that was transformed into a obesisión: take a victory lap with the blue and white.

That Argentina gains nothing from 23 years know all, but is most important. What is lose sleep, almost selfish ambition itself. From the first to the last of those summoned you understand that they are the most deserving a title. Beyond presigio of Argentine football. This squad needs to win a title to crown his years of sacrifice in the national assembly. It is something like collective obsession.

Before the start of this Cup as the team just arrived in Santa Clara, a phrase heard in the rooms at the Hayes Mansion “is not eludes us.” The internal chaos of the AFA and Lionel Messi problems did not affect that feeling. So strong was the certainty that chance could not escape. Almost a month later, qualifying for the final came after five wins with 18 goals scored. Seldom he was so sure of herself and hegemonic selection.

Argentina went over all his rivals. Chile was first in Santa Clara. Without Messi and with a great collective action, the selected thumped authority and pulled off the most difficult opponent of the initial phase. In the second game in Chicago, he appeared the Ten led with three goals and an outright victory against Panama. The closing of the initial round against Bolivia in Seattle served to shoot him several alternates and to mark possession a record: more than 86 percent.

In quarterfinal fate he would be avoided to Mexico and Uruguay and Venezuela played in Boston. Nothing could make the whole revelation Cup so far and Argentina won 4-1 with a luxurious Messi. Then, in the semis, he had to suffer in the local Houston, where the Ten led the 4-0. It was the best collective performance of Martino was perhaps one of the best ever this group.

Argentina crossed the United States from coast to coast three times and had very long trips. in all meetings however, he showed a perfect fit. This shows that the mood is the one that controls the muscles. In each of the cities where he played, he found an interesting amount of followers, much higher than most participants. This country gave back to the tournament from day one until the last day, but never ceased to venerate Messi.

And here comes the second big star of this day. If the former is the collective, the second is the individual. Messi deserves no more than lift a major trophy with the blue and white. The captain, who for years gives the face for this shirt, you need to beat Chile more than anything. When the press conference asked how far imagined winning, he just smiled and said: “it is as it has to be.” His face spoke louder than words. That simple image illuminated him. It is more than anyone could have had before desire.

Great teams are made of defeats. This site is used to winning, but the few times he lost the pain was too intense. Falling into a final is a very unpleasant fact. You can not enjoy the fact have reached as far as frustration absorbs everything. Then the real success that supposed to have gone all the way becomes a failure. They know and much that today these players go in search of what they deserve. More than anyone.

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