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Robben spoke about Mascherano’s perfect-timed tackle

There was an almost fatal second that all Argentines hearts quickened. It was at the end of the second half clash between Argentina and Netherlands in the 2014 World cup semifinal, when it was almost all set for Argentina and Holland finished 0-0 and spend the extra time.

Moment of genius..

Moment of genius..

Sneijder releases Robben with a brilliant backheel, the Bayern man scurries into the box and pulls the trigger with just seconds left on the clock. But somehow there was Mascherano who slid in with an inch-perfect tackle that sent the ball out and kept Argentina in the game

Arjen Robben recently spoke to FIFA.com about the moment when he was near a clear shot on Argentina’s Sergio Romero

“I knew that I would have a very small space. It was a penalty. “If you see it in slow motion feel that I have to change the race because he hoped the ball out and came inside”, recalled the Dutch in an interview with FIFA.com when reviewed the most important moments in the world of Brazil.


What a tackle it was. That heroic play by Mascherano kept Argentina in the game and Thirty minutes of extra-time and a penalty shootout later, and Argentina booked a ticket to the final after 24 years of wait.Thanks to Sergio Ramos for his brilliant performance in the penalty shoot-out.

Masche told later, that he tore his anus and was suffering from pain after that tackle

“I tore the anus…. I don’t want to sound rude… Robben game me an opportunity when he took a touch; he lost a second and I won. What I did anyone could have done. To be in the final you need a bit of luck.”

To the final

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