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We want to be in the last match of the World Cup: Mascherano

Argentina reached the World Cup semi-finals for the first time in 24 years on Saturday. Albiceleste took an early lead by Gonzalo Higuain and their strong defensive display proved enough to beat the Belgium side 1-0.

Scorer and man of the match Gonzalo Higuain, Javier Mascherano, Lionel Messi, Lucas Biglia, Martín Demichelis, Ezequiel Lavezzi, José Basanta, Rodrigo Palacio, Sergio Romero and field assistant Claudio; all spoke to the media after the 1-0 triumph against Belgium

Here are their words:

Gonzalo Higuain

“I’m in joy. I said I was calm, this group deserves this. The truth is that I’m happy. I was calm with the goal, it came at an important moment.”
“I said the goal was going to come. We haven’t made it to the Semifinals for several years. It’s a joy for our people and for us who suffered.”
“We have to go match by match. We could make it to the Semis. Now, we have to go play and try to reach the Final.”
“I’m moved. The World Cup is not an everyday thing.”
“I felt well. Extremely happy for the match that the Squad played.”
“We have to enjoy this moment and rest for the Semis.”
“Now we have to think about the upcoming match. This group deserved this.”

Lucas Biglia

“History says we have to win because we’re big.”
“Eleven lions came in and out.”
“We achieved an objective but we are going to keep on dreaming. We want to keep on dreaming.”

Martin Demichelis

“It was a very difficult match football-wise, tactically and mentally.”
“One always dreams of playing. I put everything into training and I tried to contribute from the place I was in.”
“Our forward players mark the difference.”
“After 24 years, we had to break the Quarter Final barrier.”
“The team put in a great effort.”

Javier Mascherano

“I hope that we take another step towards the Final.”
“We want to be in the last match of the World Cup.”
“We have a very great chance of playing a Final.”
“We are going to give it our all, with our errors, our virtues, our wishes.”
“We played with great intelligence today.”

Claudio Gugnali

“The match was interesting.”
“We knew that it was a match in which we were going to have to run, more than to play.”
“Demichelis had a great match. They deserve to be amongst the 23 because they all have merit.”
“We want more. We trust in ourselves.”

Ezequiel Lavezzi

“We are very happy because we achieved something that hadn’t been achieved since long ago.”
“It was logical that they, having tall people, were going to go for long balls.”

José Basanta

“The objective was achieved. Now we have to recover and think about what’s coming.”
“We knew that the match was going to be that intense.”
“We had opportunities to finish off the match; it wasn’t possible, but we made it to the next round.”

Lionel Messi

“I believe that the first objective has been achieved. Now we want more. With calmness.”
“They didn’t have clear chances. We ended up suffering because of aerial balls.”
“Today we ran more than ever. We knew that we all had to be committed to get through.”
“We leave happy because of the triumph.”
“We enjoyed the moment inside the dressing room, as the people did.”
“Today was touching, both the people’s celebration on the pitch and how they are experiencing it at home.”
“In general, we had a great game.”
“We were a team more than ever.”
“We didn’t suffer. They only shot from distance and nothing else.”

Rodrigo Palacio

“I tried to give my best, as always, and to help the team.”
“We defended well, we didn’t suffer much except some shots at the end.”
“We won well.”
“I hope that this victory helps us to continue improving.”
“We were the fair winners.”

Sergio Romero

“A sensation of a rematch after the 4-0 defeat against Germany in 2010.”
“We are happy for Pipa (Higuain), because he hadn’t been able to find the net.”


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